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Puppy crate training

Keeping the crate a safe, desirable place for your pup.

Puppy feeding schedule

How to properly feed the raw puppy diet.

More Puppy Information

Grooming, toys, accidents, sleep schedules and more.

Recommendations about ticks and fleas

Information about prevention.

5/15/2005 Vaccination schedule

2/20/2006 Vaccination Schedule

Dr. W. Jean Dodds' 2006 Vaccination Protocol

12/10/2006 Vaccination Schedule

Children don't get vaccinated every year. Why should your dog?

Article about drugs and your pet.

This Washington Post article discusses problems with drugs for dogs like Rimadyl, Deramaxx, etc.

How to Prepare Raw Food

It's easy to prepare your dog's meals at home.
NEW 2011 Bloat Link A must-read article from Mila Milani, BS, DVM
Important reading for every standard poodle owner.
Symptoms of Bloat Not all dogs are the same and some owners have problems recognizing bloat.
Risk factors for canine bloat.

Canine Bloat: Links and FAQs

More information about symptoms and treatment.
Addison's Disease: Averting An Adrenal Crisis An article about Addison's that I've been including in the puppy folders for the last year or two.
More on Addison's. Addison's, along with bloat, is a major problem in standard poodles.
*** ***
By Lori H. and Henry J. Feldman.
Learn the dangers of overbreeding, and important canine reproductive issues.

Poodle Health Registry

It's very important for all poodle owners to register your pet's health problems. This way we can determine which lines of dogs to breed to ensure good health.

Merck Veterinary Manual online

This manual has served as a concise and reliable animal health reference for over 45 years.


Certain common household things are dangerous for dogs, such as plastic bags (suffocation) and chocolate, grapes, and raisins (poisoning, and the darker the chocolate the worse it is).  The link above takes you to my blog, where I will post articles about dangers to your pets when I find them.
This won't hurt, will it?

Blue power ear formula. Click the picture, right-click and save the large version, and print. Use this for ear infections, mites, wax, fungus, etc. Download and print
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