ParrisHill Standard Poodles

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 Welcome to the puppy album for puppies born to Keeley (CH ParrisHill Ladywell Grasta) and Philippe (AM CAN CH ParrisHill Piece of the Puzzle).  Click to see larger images.  You can visit the "Puppies Growing" page to see how ParrisHill puppies spend their first happy weeks of life. 

Some outtakes from the photos below, followed by a puppy chronology
Early October 2011
Two weeks old, mid-October 2011
Three weeks old, late October 2011
Four weeks old, November 5, 2011
                                                                                                        Five weeks old and a couple of days, 11/12/11:
Seven weeks old, 11/25/2011

I took them out into the big dog yard for the first time.

They ran all over and then slept for hours!
Ch. Pinafore Parrish Hill