ParrisHill Standard Poodles

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 Welcome to the puppy album for puppies born to Zena (Parrishill Zena with a Z.) and Simon (CH Refinne Scene Selection).  Click to see larger images.  You can visit the "Puppies Growing" page to see how ParrisHill puppies spend their first happy weeks of life. 

Late November 2011

Zena is a wonderful mother.

When I cleaned her bedding,
she crawled into this warming box where I had placed the puppies on a heating pad.

She was so silly and cute,
curled into a too-small box to nurse her three babies. The box has never been the same!

After this photo was taken,
I moved her and the snuggly-warm pups
back to their proper bed.
Two weeks old
Three weeks old
Four weeks old

Ch. Pinafore Parrish Hill