ParrisHill Standard Poodles

Shiloh and a person friend.

Code of Ethics

I abide by the Code of Ethics of The Poodle Club of the Lehigh Valley:  "Each member shall breed only mature [females,] preferably over two years of age, skipping a season between most litters."  "Breeding too young and breeding too often are generally detrimental to the health of the female."  "Members must choose for breeding only healthy registered parents of excellent temperament who have been checked free of hereditary defects common to the poodle."

Pedigrees and Health

I carefully research pedigrees and perform a thorough search for health information on families of dogs.  My breeding dogs have hip x-rays, and they are rated either by PennHip or OFA.  Their eyes are checked regularly by a veterinary ophthalmologist, Diplomate of ACVO, and we always perform DNA testing for vonWillebrand's Disease. Skin punch biopsies are done to screen for Sebaceous Adenitis.  Bloodwork is done to be sure that the thyroid function is normal, that all other blood values are normal and that titers for Distemper and Parvo are adequate.

You have more than just my guarantee that these are healthy puppies and dogs.  You also have a proven medical record to demonstrate their overall excellent condition.

Henry loves raw meaty bones

Raw Feeding
My puppies are hand-raised and fed an all-natural, raw meat diet that is high in protein and very low in fiber and fat. Because the puppies don't eat excess grains, additives, and other ingredients that they don't need, they avoid "growth spurts," improving their health, and their future prospects for showing and breeding. I prefer working with owners who will make a commitment to an all-natural canine diet, and who will take the time to learn about the benefits of raw food.
Who Makes a Great Owner?
As you can understand, I am selective about the homes where my standard poodles go to live. I particularly seek loving, devoted owners who will provide a level of care above that of the typical American family pet. Preference will be given to owners who will spend a good deal of time with their poodle, who have a home set up to receive a dog of this caliber, who will neuter or spay if the dog will not be shown, who properly train their pets, and who are willing to feed healthy, all-natural dog food, particularly a raw diet.

Lyness knows that proper grooming gets the girls


ParrisHill Standards spend much time with other dogs, and are exceptionally well socialized. The puppies are paper trained, they know how to go outdoors when nature calls, and they are well on their way to being fully housetrained. Most owners report that the pups are trained to their homes within just a couple of days. They are also accustomed to crates, and they have a solid foundation for further training.

Travel procedures

Whenever possible, I like to visit the home where your poodle will live and grow up. If that isn't feasible, then I may ask you to provide local references from breeders whom I know in your area. Please understand that my concern is only out of love for the dogs. If you do travel to pick up your pet, I will help you arrange for a carrying crate, and we can discuss how to safely transport your poodle.

Special Circumstances

Although I want to see all of my wonderful animals placed in happy permanent homes, I will take an animal back at any time in case of an emergency, or a situation that might endanger the dog.  ParrisHill Standard Poodles are never to be given up for adoption, not even through poodle rescue.  If you buy a poodle from me and for any reason can no longer care for your pet, please contact me immediately.
Ch. Pinafore Parrish Hill

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