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Many so-called "animal rights" groups actually work against responsible breeders, and responsible pet owners. They sound good, but if you read the fine print you'll find some shocking surprises!

The links below will educate you on some of the major issues. Especially read the NAIA Trust information to learn about a new measure in California that will criminalize all legitimate and responsible dog breeding, while allowing backyard breeders (who don't follow laws) to thrive. Many will even start up or grow in response to increased demand for dogs if this disastrous legislation goes through.
NAIA Trust, promoting the welfare of animals, strengthening the human-animal bond and safeguarding the rights of responsible animal owners, enthusiasts and professionals through education, legislation and the courts., defending the freedom to own pets.
NJDogLaw, a Yahoo! group discussing the law as it pertains to breeders in New Jersey.
Watch this video to learn more about the Humane Society of the United States. Too many people still believe that HSUS is a great organization, but this video gives good reasons why it is not.
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