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I hope this web site has conveyed to you much of the joy and excitement of bringing a standard poodle into your life.  For those of you who are already "poodle people," I thank you for visiting and learning more about how I breed and raise these wonderful dogs.
Please contact me and tell me more about what you hope to find in a ParrisHill Standard Poodle:

Marion S. Banta
ParrisHill Standard Poodles
Asbury, NJ  08802

908-537-6807 (fax)

msbanta AT earthlink-dot-net
Elmo's tickled to meet you!

This site is maintained by Carole Sargent, who is happily owned by Dahlia (INT CH ParrisHill Dahlia at Twilight), and who had many wonderful years with Hillary (CH Pinafore Parrish Hill) and Bettina (CH Parrish Hill Bettina).  If you have questions or concerns about the website, please write to her, booklab AT georgetown-dot-edu.

What's the story, morning glory?
(Pablo & Whistler with Steven)

Dash and Desi... waiting for their mail?
Ch. Pinafore Parrish Hill

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