ParrisHill Standard Poodles
My Alumni, with Photos and Stories

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Mai, a daughter of Pippa and Jeremy, born 4/3/10. Class valedictorian! 

Savannah, from the Enya/Philippe litter born 2/7/09.  She was almost summa cum laude (so close!)
Hadley, graduate of Puppy Pre-School at South Mountain Dog Training Academy. She is a litter sister to Rigby, and also to Devon and Dinah who are tuning up for the show ring.
Belly Sleeper
Blue's Snooze
(He's a son of Enya and Jeremy, born 8/14/09)

Pablo the sleeping contortionist
Teeka upside-down cake 

Dahlia taking "play dead" a bit too literally 

After a big day, Val finally crashes

Fluffy Val getting some Zzzzzs

Snoozing Rudy
If you like these funny photos of ParrisHill poodles sleeping, then you'll get a kick out of this hilarious Buzzfeed article, "The 24 Weirdest Sleeping Positions for Dogs."  
Jasmine being Jasmine
Miss Raspberry from the June 2013 Zena-Devon litter is now Roxy! She has a new brother named Ollie.
Roxy and Ollie getting to know one another, March 2014.

Things are going fabulously with Roxy. She and Ollie hit it off right from the beginning. They're best buds already. It's very cute to watch. She's a little feisty but a sweetheart. I'm looking into registering for an obedience classes for Roxy that she could start in a couple of weeks.

Aziza's puppy photo -- she looks like a movie star!
She is an Oona/Jeremy puppy born 1/28/09.
Photos to the left are of Aziza, or Azi for short. Here is what her owner writes about her: "She loves when we babysit my daughters lil guy, they're buddies.You breed beautiful poodles!! We love her! Next time I go through my pictures of her in her element (running, hunting for chipmunks, or playing ball outside), I'll make sure I send you a few."

Then, however, the owner added a scary story about candles in the house, and asked me to post it on this site: "Maybe you could pass along the warning. My friend bought me a candle, I placed it on the coffee table lit, [and] I was sitting right there. Azi walked by the table and her ear was in flames in a second. I've been warning everyone about it. No more candles in this house!! It wasn't bad as I thought, just had to cut the length [of the hair on her ears], but I was bummed."

Wishing it would stop raining so she can play...

What a pretty face!

Hugo, May 2014

Hugo is a Jezebel/Devon son, littermate to my silver girl Jersey that Rhonda showed as a puppy.  

A puppy from the Zena/Devon litter (7-30-2014) settling into her new home. She will probably be named Sylvia.

Blu in his new home, winter 2014. He is a Zena/Devon pup.

Blu on a snowy morning.

Theo meeting his new owners in Lewes, Delaware, April, 2013.

Theo with a new sibling, a Bombay cat named Ariel.
She’s really a cute-looking cat, and she and Theo are making friends.
Ariel took a liking to Theo’s crate leaving him on the floor.

Skye is already learning the couch routine. He is a new companion for one-year old Luna, who was bugging 10-year-old Genie. He is doing a very good job keeping Luna busy!

Merlin, Jersey’s brother born 10/18/12, with Misty.

This is a different Merlin, from the Pippa/Chachi July 2012 litter.

Kelsey is Jena’s brother from the Riva/Chachi litter born 2/1/13. His mom made him a birthday hat out of a Provencal print napkin! My favorite prints!

Brie with her Tigger. Brie is from the Riva/Chachi litter born 2/1/13.

These are Piper and Arthur. The owner bought Piper when the pups first went to their homes, then she got Arthur from me just before Thanksgiving when she decided Piper needed a playmate.
Ursula and Chachi are the parents. Born 3/4/12.

Miss Pink from the Ursula-Chachi 2012 litter sometimes visits in Florida. Her name is Ella! She usually lives in New Jersey.

Ella likes to ride on the kayak in Key West, but she doesn't yet swim in the water.
Ella freshly groomed, with silver toenails...

Ella chasing water

Ella freshly groomed.

Ella and Katrina

Ella came to visit ParrisHill again, and she spent some time playing with her litter brother Arthur. Arthur is for sale. Birthday March 4, 2012.

Ella the paddle boarder

Ella's first snow

Ella's first snow

Ella's first snow

Ella's first snow
Ella is learning to go into the chicken coop without going into attack mode. Many ParrisHill poodles are excellent around smaller creatures.
Ella follows the guineas around the yard without making a meal out of it!

Axle on Halloween, 2012. He is at the left.

Axle is an Ursula/Chachi son born March 4, 2012

Axle, October 2012.

Lopez the ParrisHill puppy finds his new place behind the older dog.

His owner writes: "My vet described him thus: calm indoors, exuberant outdoors, wonderfully conformed. My partner was a little worried in the first 24 hours that he was too laid back... (to be continued)

... (continued) but once adjusted he destroyed the cover to a Rejuvenation Hardware catalogue, pounced on all number of toys, and nestled with the big old setter."

Lopez really doesn't like the bath...

But he stands beautifully to be groomed! Lopez is being groomed by Aggie at her shop.

 Aggie and I are co-owners of Keeley and co-breeders on this litter.

Linda has been travelling a couple of hours to go to Aggie's shop to pick up pointers on grooming so that she'll be able to zip off the hair in the warmer months.

You really can learn to groom your own poodle! See my bookstore for a guide.

Lopez almost grown, early 2012

Lopez is a big guy!

Party on, Gus! (He's from the Pippa/Chachi litter,
photo taken October 2012)

Raffi's owner writes (June 2013), "I registered Raffi (Raphael) online today with the American Kennel Club.

She continues, "Whether playing with a skunk that we have mounted on a lunge whip for him to chase or
playing and walking with his puppy group in our neighborhood ..."

"Raffi is a loving member of our family now and always up for some fun."

Mike enjoys off leash hiking adventures
with Raffi both days of each weekend with his guy friends and their dogs.

He has proved to be much more active than our former Standard Poodle and required much more intensive
training, but he is becoming more obedient now. He just finished his second obedience class and the last class focused on some
tricks like waving, balancing on a skateboard, back aways, etc. WHAT FUN!!

Stacy, formerly Daisy, March 2012

Stacy and a pal

All froofed up for a party!

Stacy in an art shot.

Stacy's family portrait

Stacy demonstrates the patented ParrisHill poodle sofa cushion maneuver... the fancier the better!

Stacy shares the sofa, sort of...

Hmmm, maybe Stacy prefers the sofa to herself!

This is Olive, from the Chachi/Ursula litter in early 2012, relaxing in bed.

Please don't confuse her with the cream-colored Olive, below...

This Olive is active and learning her way around her new home. Here she is spying on other dogs...

Olive has learned to climb on everything!

Olive talks to the horses and they come right to her.
A closeup from the photo on the left is on the right.

Rudy from the Keeley/Philippe fall 2011 litter after his first professional grooming. His fluffy puppy hair is gone, and he is growing his adult coat.
From his owner: "Rudy Sage is a joy! He slept through the first and the second night in his cozy crate and only made minimal noises. He is eating well and doing his business mostly outside."

From his owner, continued: "Here are also two pics of Rudy (I think knows his name already) taken on Sunday evening, just before he dove into his dinner. He knows how to come up the long flight of stairs to our deck already! Down is a different thing, although he has mastered the steps between our deck levels."
Rudy with his favorite toy of the moment. He was waiting for his owners to play with him and was sitting very nicely. He is adapting well to kindergarten and his already pretty good behavior is getting better. Walking is getting to be pleasurable for everyone. He graduated from sleeping in a kennel to a dog bed, with parts of an X-pen as an enclosure. He also likes his harness and sitting on the backseat of the car. No more crying!

April 2012, Rudy with his dragon!

Taking a break from reading the Sunday paper...

Rudy wearing his tennis whites, getting ready for the big match at the club

Rudy in a rain poncho. I call him a "fashionisto," because he's a boy. :-)

Rudy's winter coat

Callie is a daughter of Philippe and Whitney born July 2010.

Here's Monty who went to a new home in December '11 after his original owner passed away. He is nicely groomed at Planet Poodle owned by Beth who used to show my dogs in the mid-'90s to the early 2000s. He is so attached to his new owner that he's trying to pull away from the lady holding him (the owner is taking the photo).

Casey is home for Christmas!
Rafael, a.k.a. Rafi, February 2012
Rafi and his big sister Zia
Rafi and Zia
Zonked with his football
Another cute valentine of Rafi and Zia
Rafi (top) wrestling with big sister Zia
Olive in the flowers
'Dear Marion: I thought you might enjoy seeing this photo of our beautiful little Olive.  She is doing fantastic and she and Spencer are getting along great. Thank you for all of the advice and guidance regarding diet and care. Most especially, thanks for Olive."
Augie, short for August, went to his new home on January 14, 2012. His owners have two Shih Tzus... hmmm, this picture looks dubious! We'll provide updates on Augie and the Shih Tzus as their friendships progress. 
Augie's first snow
Augie's first snow 
Okay, this looks a tiny bit forced to us, but Augie and the Shih Tzus are doing much better! :-)
Augie is adorable!

Amazing Augie at five months

Carl lives in the home of psychologists.
Anyone who has a poodle, however, knows the dog is the psychologist!
Poodles are pretty much smarter than us, and they know just what we need.  :-)
(Although his owners report that Scrabble kinda confuses him, especially the Q words.)

Carl's owner writes: "Two little girls who were visiting sat on the kitchen floor with him and taught him how to hold a carrot in his front paws and eat it which he has done ever since then."

Carl loves this toy--he likes to stand right up against one of his owners and squeak it for a really long time.
More about Carl: "He does yoga and meditation with us every morning. At first he was in his crate.....then after a month or so we just let him hang out in the bedroom with us....on our bed for meditation and on the floor with us for yoga. He was very good meditating....well he probably wasn't meditating but just hanging out. Yoga was a different story and included Carl climbing on us and licking our ears.....not your standard yoga routine but at some point it occurred to us to go to the park first and do yoga and meditation afterwards. Now he naps while we do yoga. It works better but is less funny."

Carl on the porch, thinking about chasing birds

Carl at the beach, getting ready to chase birds

Carl sleeping after a big day of chasing birds

Neva, the first puppy from the Oona/Carter to leave home.  She flew down to her new winter home in Florida.

was so tired from her big trip!

So beautiful, and she already has new toys...

One month later... Neva will get her first Florida haircut soon.

March 2011.

Sleeping after her first grooming.

Neva with her soccer ball.

Posing with her humans.

Having a rough time in Palm Beach.
New from Neva's owners, April 2011: Neva is truly a magnificent dog. She's so calm, hardly ever barks, loves everyone, learns so quickly (with the exception of the stairs, which she has yet to figure out!). She has now been on our boat several times. She comes to the office and just hangs out, greeting everyone. No one can believe she is just five months old. She is so well behaved. She hasn't destroyed a thing and just loves her toys. We are going to puppy training classes! Fun! She loves the yard - jetting around like a flash. We are just having a ball with her. I think that [her dam and sire] Oona and Carter make a great combination!
I have "Neva" seen such a cute puppy!

Learning to ride in the golf cart.

Neva boating on the Great South Bay, July 2011

Neva on the Fire Island Ferry, October 2011.

She is 11 months old.

You have to pay a child's fare for a dog, but hey, she gets to sit on a seat!
Whenever her owners go the garage Neva comes running out and jumps in the golf cart! She loves to go for a ride.

Neva playing her favorite sport, KONG ON A ROPE! What a great fetcher...

From her owner: She is just so smart and adorable - everyone wants their picture taken with her. We can't take her out for a walk without causing a stir. She just loves everyone and couldn't be sweeter. She is very funny on the boat - she loves to sit in my lap and put her muzzle on my shoulder and just hang out. I think she feels extremely comfortable.

Neva in Bayport, Long Island

Neva makes friends wherever she goes! On Fire Island, September 2013

Everyone wants their picture taken with Neva. Fire Island, 2013.

Neva giving and getting kisses, Fire Island, September 2013

"Neva has been a doll - everyone is so crazy about her.
She is a big lovable mush - also thinks she's a lap dog."

Neva posing, January 2015

February 2011, Rigby is settling in just fine at his new home.

He is from the Oona/Carter November 2010 litter.

He loves his treats and seems to be already learning his name.

He loves his new pack!

Playful Rigby with a new packmate.

Rigby March 2011

So beautiful in the field
I just wanted to let you know that since we last spoke, Rigby earned his AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. and he just earned his CGC - Canine Good Citizen! He's doing amazingly well, everyone he meets loves him and I think he's convinced people that the Standard Poodle is the perfect dog! I still take him to work with me and residents, families, staff enjoy time with him. He's an absolute joy and we thank you for sharing him with us. We are still involved in training at Top Dog - he's completed puppy kindergarten, advanced beginner and we're signing up for Attention and Handling and I will be looking into agility lessons. My private trainer is also working with us to train for Rally obedience. So, we're having fun and he's so smart!
Rigby, May 2011

Rigby passed his therapy dog test in November, 2011, shortly after turning 1.

Rigby's coat is just starting to change to blue. His owner writes, "Thank you again for everything you do to produce such outstanding dogs."

Mai (l) and Rigby, for a ParrisHill poodle family reunion! If they could see each other more often they would probably be best friend; they get along very well.

Hadley with her new family.  The daughter flew up from college in SC and the son drove in from his PA college so they could all come to pick up the pup together! ;-)

Hadley from the Oona/Carter 2010 litter with her new little brother Beau
from the Riva/Chachi Feb 1, 2013 litter.

Hadley and Beau, June 2013. Hadley is blue, and Beau is black.

Hadley and Beau. Very spoiled dogs!

Hadley and Beau by the fire

Calli, September 2011

Schnitzi (silver poodle), December 2014
Zahra in NYC, where she has poodle friends who meet in Central Park!

Jordan is Jeremy's litter brother and lives in Maryland.

He enjoys the attention of a bath and brushing, and while being groomed he makes a low humming noise!

He doesn't like the flash on cameras, so you'll see him turn away or his eyes closed in some of them.

Natasha and Nikki, both from Dahlia (INT CH Parrishill Dahlia at Twilight) and Bob (CH Kava's Hi Ho Silver). They are the younger sister and brother of Jeremy, and are also littermates of Juliet, the pretty silver poodle living in the Bronx with black Crissy.

Enough snow. We want cookies!

With their owner, Anne.

Nikki and Natasha in the local paper!

At a jazz concert, with students.

Nikki and Cha-Cha, Christmas 2012

Jazzie, a Philippe/Enya daughter, jumping!

Jazzie with her human sister.

Shiloh and Shea, June 2010, back when puppy Shiloh was just Shea's size.  They get along with each other so well... His owner writes, "He's loving, gentle and absolutely brilliant." 

Shiloh then... and now!!  At seven months old in November of 2010 (and now much bigger than Shea), Shiloh learns things in two or three repetitions, loves to play hide and seek, knows the names of his toys, rings the bell to go outside, sits, comes, stays, lays down, goes to his "room" when asked, shakes hands, etc.

Shiloh November 2010

His owner writes: "When we first started taking them out for walks together, Shea showed a side of himself we'd never seen as he was very protective of the new puppy.  Now that Shiloh is four times his size, he's recently started to return the favor.

"He's learned not to jump up on people but will give a hug when asked.  When we're on walks together, his etiquette is perfect; in fact, he even managed to train our Lhasa, who we hadn't been able to consistently get to stop tugging in 10 years.  When we're on a walk and come to an intersection, I will ask "what do we do?", and Shiloh will sit down and look both ways.  When traffic is clear, he'll look up at me to indicate that he thinks it's safe to go, but he'll wait for me to start moving before he gets up."

Meet Magic, a Pippa/Jeremy son born 4/3/2010.  He lives in Florida.

What a handsome portrait.

Magic in full puppy trim in their yard.

Magic's owner grooms her own dogs.

Doesn't she do a fabulous grooming job?

This is Alfie, a Jeremy son
born in Canada and living in Vermont

Click "flying Alfie" to see a gallery of his photos.

Buddy has grown into a beautiful dog

He has such a great personality

He has become a real part of his family, almost like he was meant for them...
This is Dusty.
He lives in Manhattan near a lovely park
He also enjoys the  beach on Fire Island
Dusty in his New York park with a friend
Chiara, daughter of Hillary and Joker

Bentley proves white guys can jump!

Puppy Mai, November 2010

Mai was born 4/3/10, and is a Pippa and Jeremy pup

This is Gus, short for Augustus.  His owners named him that because he was born August 2009

Gus is the son of Lyness and Jezebel.

He lives in south Jersey close to Atlantic City.  His new owner writes: "He absolutely loves snuggling with the kids. He must think they're are tall, two legged litter mates from another mother and father!"
Gus in the snow
Gus in the great snowstorm of December 2009
Gus in the snow 02
Nothing slows him down!
Gus 03
Crazy Gus!    
Gusjust loves, loves, loves the older golden retriever, Obie. :) This was taken on the family's deck looking in.

Four-year-old Emma has a new baby sister! Meet Lily, from a silver litter of three. She is settling in nicely, and plays with Emma a lot!

Emma Brubaker Christmas 2009

Emma again, in early 2011. From her owner: "We got our poodle, Emma from you in March 2008 and we absolutely love her! She has been a constant joy in our lives ever since."

Beau (r) and a furry monster with claws

Beau (r) and neighbor Madison
Christmas 2009

Handsome Beau on Long Island Sound.  He is Riva's litter brother.
Sleepy Teeka had been napping in the living room while her owner worked from home
She is learning agility, even at 9 years old!
(She's pretty agile snoozing on that sofa.)  :-)

Teeka is from Azalea's first litter sired by Gentry.

She's in such great shape!

Wake up, Maggie!

It's magnificent Maggie Mae, born 2-7-09

She is a litter sister to Savannah, Desi, and Gracie of Gracie and Ollie

Maggie is cuter than a stuffed toy...

Gillian is a daughter of Daisy & Kaiser, born 11/20/02.
Daisy is Dahlia and Noodle's litter sister.

Gillian is Oscar's litter sister.  She is so cute with snow on her nose!

She has a heart-shaped mark on her chest,
so she is a Valentine's Day dog!


Juliet (r) born 5/15/05. Daughter of Int. Ch. ParrisHill Dahlia at Twilight (Dahlia)
and Am/Can Ch. KaVa's Hi Ho Silver (Bob.
Juliet lives in the Bronx with Annie (l).
Oh yeah, and some people, too.

Beautiful Juliet wants to be your Valentine!  Photo taken February 2009, after seeing the groomer.

Juliet has a new "sister" Chrissy, who came from me in December, named for Christmas time.

 Chrissy is a Jezebel/Lyness pup.

Juliet and Chrissy together!

This is sweet Sophie, an Oona/Jeremy daughter born 1/28/09.

She lives in New York, where even the dogs read!

She shares this apartment with a 13-year-old black standard poodle sibling.




Val in Arizona
Val at almost 5 months!  This silver son of Enya and Jeremy was born August 14, 2009, and now he lives in Arizona.
What an odd couple of buddies!
Val and Beau share the love... 

A peaceful moment

Val on Mike's lap... the 35-pound lap dog!

Val chilling in his chair, poolside of course.

Handsome Val taking a break from chasing the tennis ball which he would do all day if someone kept throwing it for him.

Little Lulu the toy poodle is diabetic so gets an insulin shot twice a day. Afterwards she gets a treat, so the two guys -- who were only supposed to be watching -- also lined up for a treat.  That's Val on the left.

More love from Val (r) and Beau

After a big day, Val finally crashes

Val having a chat with his favorite bear.

Val in a stylish Continental clip

Val is so handsome in his Continental clip!

Oh Val, be still my heart...

Val often eats laying down, which is funny.  He also won't eat out of the the big dog bowl -- it has to be the little dog bowl!
What are you looking at?  Haven't you ever seen a 40-pound lap dog before?
Mike and Val relaxing.
Val is tennis ball crazy!

Val in a handsome portrait

Cute picture of Val and his pal Navar who is owned by Jackie at her dog boutique and grooming shop in Scottsdale, AZ. Both are Jeremy sons out of sisters Oona (Val) and Abby (Navar).

Jesse is Val's new sister. She came from Oona's sister Abby, bred to Carter by another breeder.
Jesse and Val sleeping...

Val and Beau spooning... awwwww.
Jesse is really blue.... She'll probably end up like Dahlia. She is a Jeremy daughter out of Abby who is Oona's sister owned by Dianne Janczewski in Virginia.

Val and Jesse's mom brought them with her to Los Angeles. She sent this picture of them lounging on her bed.

Jesse likes the Dalmation at the National Dog Show. :-)

Val on the Beverly Hills Hotel patio, December 2011.
He hopped right up on their white leather couch and because it was LA, no one said a word!

Val in Malibu

Val shoe shopping in Malibu

Val socializing with Kate, a soap star

Ruby is a daughter of Whitney and Philippe, born 7/31/11. She lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her dad who is a doctor and a mom who home schools the kids, and her human sister and brother.

Ruby giving her human brother a proper poodle kiss! Mom is playing the piano.

Dexter, born 8/24/09, a Jezebel/Lyness pup. He is a litter sister to Chrissy who lives in NY with a silver girl, Juliet. Photo after a morning swim at Ramapo Mountain.

Mica at the gate, 2009.

Bivens Goes West
Bivens goes West

Boo (l) and Bivens
Bivens goes to work

How exciting!  Savannah is enjoying her new home in Texas.

Savannah is from the same Enya/Philippe litter as Desi (below), born 2/7/09

And here's the same Savannah four weeks later than the first two photos

Savannah says "It's so nice of dad to give me such a big water bowl . . ."

(The water here's much better
than the water inside.)

Savannah playing with a fellow Puppy Head Start graduate.

On point ready to retrieve
Savannah on point, ready to retrieve
Throw the ball already!
Throw the ball already!
Savannah's favorite toy
Savannah's favorite toy
You may approach the throne
Savannah says "You may approach the throne..."

A beautiful portrait...

Deb writes, "Savannah is doing really well.  I don't know that I have ever seen a dog that seems to enjoy life as much as she.  EVERYTHING is of tremendous fun to her.  She has boundless energy and boundless joy."
Deb went to Peru, but Savannah would have loved it (especially the llamas...)

Dear Marion:  I thought you would like to see a few pics of one of your girls, Haley (Parrish Hill Cream of the Crop) born 3/27/1998.  Her mom is Ch. Pinafore Parrish Hill, and dad is Ch. Maestoso's Comic Relief.

I have to tell you she is the sweetest, most loving, laid back, gentle and much loved family member! She continues to bring great joy to our lives...  She is healthy, happy, funny...

One of her favorite activities is fetching tennis balls, (she can find one buried in 3 feet of snow in the winter) and will only give it up for the toss on her terms.  We wanted to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your making Haley a part of ours, she is a great gift! -- Kim

Little Desi (new puppy) and big sister Lucy, with Rob.  Lucy is a blue standard poodle.

Desi is from the Enya/Philippe litter born 2/7/09. He is black, but he may turn blue as he matures.  Blue is a dark pewter or Kerry Blue Terrier color, like a charcoal flannel suit.

Desi and Lucy romping in Virginia's famous horse country.  Visit us in the Fall of 2009 to see Desi's final coat color!

Desi is so much bigger at 5 1/2 months! 
Desi started his obedience classes July 2009.  He is so smart, and his trainer just loves him.  He will also get his first rabies vaccine.

He brings his owners and his new poodle sister Lucy so much joy.  The owners write "He is such a great dog and has an awesome personality."

"He loves the water.  He will get in the shower with us and he chases after the water when I throw it from my horse’s buckets."
Desi in repose
Desi with a banana
Desi with the Frisbee

Can I borrow the car?

Desi and Lucy's Christmas Card, 2009
Dash, who now lives with Desi
He'll definitely be a blue coat... his muzzle is already turning.
Dash is a son of Pippa and Jeremy
Desi and Dash
Desi is a year older than Dash

Little Dash and Big Desi

No stuffed bears were harmed in the making of this photo.  Signed, Dash.

Desi and Dash

Who is Desi and Who is Dash?

Desi on the return...

No Dash, you cannot have my Woodstock...

Dash wif 'is mouf full...

Dash in June of 2010, as a puppy

Desi January 2011

January 2011, Dash is so big! He'll be a year April 3, 2011. Soon he'll get a big dog haircut...
Lazy day with Desi and Dash

Desi is in front of the stone wall.  He kept jumping from one side to the other.  He can clear is like a horse.  He is an amazing athlete.

Dash we call the “love bug.”

He just wants to give you endless kisses.

Desi and Dash somehow always find the most comfortable seats in the house! This is Desi snoozing...

A sweet photo of my lovely Enya (ParrisHill a Day Without Rain), mother of many gorgeous champions and companions!

Enya now lives in McLean, Virginia, with her daughter Oona (ParrisHill Off and Running). She loves her owners so much that she likes to put her snout in their shoes! (At least she does not chew shoes...)

Oona dancing...

Enya (l), Tessa (white), Dahlia (front) and Oona.

Keiji with Oona (l) and Enya.

Sometimes the owners get confused and call them "Oonya."

Keiji's photo of Enya snoring...

Oona at the Residence Inn where the family took refuge after the summer 2012 derecho that blacked out Northern Virginia

Enya, also at the Residence Inn
(see previous photo)

Ollie in the mud (there are three Ollies... a black and a silver will come later!)  This one is Ollie Avers; he lives in New Jersey. His white sister Sylvie lives on Long Island. Ozzie, his white brother, lives in West Virginia, and Peri, a silver sister, lives in Rye, New York.

Ollie with his favorite toy.  He is the son of Enya and Cruz, born December 10, 2006. Shiloh and Tucker are also littermates!

Ollie makes his owners laugh every day!

Ollie in an action shot!

Ollie practicing his napping style.

NEWS May 2009, Gracie went to live with Ollie Avers.

Gracie and Ollie are soooo cute!

These photos are too much!

Adding a puppy will teach your old dog new tricks.

You stay on your side of the yard, and I'll... stay right next to you!

I love you, man.

WHO LET THAT CAT IN HERE?  Oh, okay... we can snuggle.


Toby (l) and Archie

To the left are Toby and Archie.  Toby is eight, but still runs with the youngsters at the dog park.  They are therapy dogs who go with their owner to the hospice close to their house.  They really earn their keep!

Archie at the hospice

Speaking of Ozzie, here he is on Christmas 2008

Maybe he ate too much turkey!

Did somebody say Sylvie?  Here she is (Ollie 1, Ozzie and Perry's sister, daughter of Enya and Cruz, born 12/10/06).

She is a gorgeous girl!

What an athlete...

Sylvie in repose

Quincy divides his time between New York City
and a farm in upstate New York.

Nala, 10/25/2000-4/26/2011.She was a litter sister to Dahlia and Noodle, and lived to age 10. So beautiful here with her family.
Scout (l) and Jem recently groomed, at ages 12 and 13!  They look wonderful.

Brothers Jem and Scout on the beach.

Just got Scout and Jem groomed, they were a little cold so put on their fashion coats for a nice romp on the estate where their owner is living. Hard to believe they're almost 14 and 13 years old!

Farewell to Scout (r) who made it all the way to age 16 in 2013 and had such a wonderful life.

Jem all alone.

Jem on the beach, 2014

Oscar is ready for Halloween!  He is a puppy from Daisy and Kaiser.

Oscar sings "I've Got You, Babe..."

Joyeux Fetes from Oscar

Lucy and her main man.  
(Lucy is one of Hillary's many daughters.)


Django and the pack
(click me to get a poodle surprise!)

Django at sea!

Django on deck

Django enjoying her cool, cruel summer!

Jasmine being Jasmine.  She is the daughter of Antje andJeremy born 6/30/07.

New Jasmine photos, July 2008.

Jasmine is the litter sister to Clouseau, Sasha, Stanley, TJ, Olive and Maddie.

Jasmine by the Hudson River

Jasmine with her candy cane scarf

Let's snuggle with a poodle on a snowy day!

Jumping Jasmine

Ball dog!!

iTunes, iPoodle, iNap...

Jasmine and Ian

Jasmine and her family, Christmas 2009

Jasmine celebrates the first day of spring 2010

Jasmine with some St. Patrick's Day bows.
Little does she know that by Christmas she'll have a new surprise: her litter sister Tessa!

Tessa went to live with her litter sister Jasmine in December of 2012. She didn't like the city and needed to be a country girl.
Here they are playing with neighbor Monty at Blackrock.

Tessa with her New York family

Joey (formerly JoJo) and Jasmine asleep together.

Sadly, Tessa died at age 6. After that, Joey came to live with Jasmine... she and Jasmine are cousins!

Jasmine and Joey

Jasmine in a jeans and vest!

Jazz, daughter of Emma and Hamish, is Riva's litter sister; these pictures were taken around her first birthday in August 2007.

This is a lovely photo of Jazz in action. She is continuing agility training and has competed twice. The above photo was taken at a trial the end of October. Jazz's owner had the photographer, Barry Rosen, alter it a little for the holidays.

Stanley is a son of Antje and Jeremy, born 6/30/07

He's Tessa's litter brother as well as white Maddie, Jasmine, Sasha, Clouseau, and some others who haven't (yet) sent pictures.
Abby (young here but now an adult with puppies!) gets a big hug.

Abby before the puppies were born.

And voila!

Abby is ready for her close up!

Abby and Izzy.   Abby is Oona's sister, and Izzy is Abby's daughter by Jeremy.

They live in Clifton, Virginia, at Clifton Standard Poodles.

Abby and Izzy say "Let It Snow!"


Where did I put that ball?

Guys?  Guys?  Wait up!

Snow faces.

Rock 'em sock 'em robots!  Pablo and Whistler can't quite seem to hug it out.

Whistler in sphinx mode

Pablo in "his pose"

Pablo, Steven, and Whistler

Pablo in the sun
Pablo in the sun


Hi Marion - Here are Pablo, Whistler and Neva being uncooperative on the deck in front of our office! Hee Hee…..

This is Whistler, Riva's litter brother, now living with a new owner in a new apartment in Tribeca and a house in New Hope and a ranch in California. Traveling dog.
A ParrisHill poodle having a conference with wild poodles. They discuss methods for hunting bear, deer, and musk ox.

Shiloh is so patient!


Shiloh all fluffy

Shiloh after grooming! 

Shiloh thinks he's hot stuff.

Shiloh and a friend

Shiloh and Oscar

Christmas 2009 -- they were bribed with treats!

Amber (l) and Blue.  Blue is a son of Emma and Hodge, and Amber is his older sister. Blue is a litter brother to Philippe, Pippa, and the third Ollie (see below); they will be 3 on February 20, 2009

I'm Mr. Blue . . .

Blue for you, baby...

       Sahara, the Canadian silver-beige daughter of Jeremy, snoozing.  And snoozing.  And snoozing!

Henry (with Forest) loves his mittens!

Henry's a wild man!
Henry in a people sandwich!

Henry in the Kentucky Derby...

Halloween Henry

Holiday Henry

Galloping Henry

Wistful . . .


Ben was a mighty lion for Halloween 2009

Ben's first snow!

Ben and his buddies

Leonard snoozing

Ringo is rockin' and rollin' with her new family!

Ringo as a puppy, but growing into such a charming lady.

Ringo's dam is Emma, sire Jeremy.
Born 2/23/08

New!! Ringo turned one on 2/23/09.

This is Lily, Ringo's litter sister.

Doesn't she have a sweet face?

Let me in!!!
Lily has a new ParrisHill sister named Nola
Nola is a Pippa/Jeremy pup
Lily will have to patient with the new kid!

Jean-Luc the Therapy Dog

Jean-Luc and Latte

Jean-Luc and Latte in the manger

Jean-Luc at work in his hat and vest.

He visited Greystone psychiatric hospital.

Residents gave him presents, a card and a new bag of biscuits!

Such a cute photo of Jean-Luc and Lola

They are snugglers!
A Tale of Tucker!
Here's a puppy shot of Tucker, the Great Poodle Explorer, in the kayak with Trish and her daughter.

A bit older, Tucker paused on the deck to model his life jacket.

On board, he quickly made himself at home, decided it was "cool" to sit on the rail.

When Trish went forward, he seemed as it he wanted to follow, so she brought him onto the bow.

It was time to relax on the return trip.  Tucker is a littermate of Shiloh, Ollie 1, Peri and Sylvie.  He was born
December 10, 2006.
Maddie (right and below) is a Maryland girl now.  She is the litter sister to my Tessa, who is now being shown.  She was born June 30, 2007.
Belly up to the bar!

Maddie at the helm.

Pretty headshot of Miss Maddie

Maddie thinks she's a horse!

Maddie and Sierra.

Hey, it's another Maddie (we have many multiple names among the ParrisHill alumni)

Bentley with the family

Sasha and her sisters...

Gina is Emma and Jeremy's daughter, born February 23, 2008

She will probably be blue in color

She is really taking advantage of the situation!
Gina Fall 2011 in New York
Late autumn in Central Park
Gina visiting with her best girlfriend
Gina in Hackensack

Here's Miss Gina with her hair blowing in the wind.
She's now very blue in color.

Pretty Quinnie cool for summer.

Quinnie (r) and a pal are a blur!

Quinnie on the beach
A beautiful image of Quinnie in Boston at a show.
You are getting sleeeeeeepy . . . !
Oh Christmas Quinnie...

Gemma loves people watching!          Beach Blanket Gemma                 Thinking Poodle Thoughts

Owner Linda and Gemma taking a walk.

Gemma visits her neighbor poodle,
a little apricot named Pekoe.

Linda and Gemma are visiting the Victory Gardens in their neighborhood.

December 2010: Gemma has grown up to a very self-confident, sweet, smart and totally charming girl.

Gemma's owners adore her!

November 2011: "Thought you might enjoy a recent pic of sweet Gemma. She is such a joy, we love her so much!"

Ch. Pinafore Parrish Hill (Hillary); Ch. Parrish Hill Bettina (Bettina); Int. Ch. ParrisHill Dahlia at Twilight (Dahlia); and ParrisHill Ladywell Treasure (Tessa).

Hillary was the first ParrisHill poodle to move to Northern Virginia to live with Carole, who created and maintains this website.  Later Bettina joined her, and they both became popular at Georgetown University, where Carole works, and in 2006 they all moved into DC to live next to the university.  After Hillary crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 15 in August 2008, Dahlia came to stay in October. Then Bettina passed away in early 2010 at age 12, and Dahlia was the only dog for a year. But then Tessa arrived in March 2011, and fit right in with Dahlia and also with the cat, Casanova.
So are you gonna kiss me or what?  Dahlia showing off the distinctive black spot on her tongue. With a feature like that, she could date some really cute Chows!

Bettina with Kayla and Dahlia with Allison

Bettina is patient, but yawny!  Thanksgiving 2008.

Allison with Bettina (l) and Dahlia

Dahlia in puppy show trim, 2001.

Dahlia at a lake in Wisconsin, December 2001.

Dahlia in adult show trim.

Bettina and Hillary at Wagfest in Washington, DC, May 2007.  Hillary has the wig.

Hillary was runner-up for Best Dressed, they were both runners-up for Best Pair.

Bettina, shown here, went as a personal trainer, and Hillary was Betty White...

Hillary (l) WON best senior dog!


Hillary and Bettina think they're sheep in the manger . . .
Bettina and Hillary are city dogs, which means their paws can get very grubby.
Now the girls want matching coats and handbags! Oh yes, and maybe hats.

No, we don't fuss over the dogs. . .

Hillary in a tee-shirt to promote a pastry shop in Alexandria, Virginia. The Food Network took pictures of her that day!

Ready for a movie-star closeup!

Bettina can never resist an unmade bed.

Hey, who disturbed Hillary's beauty rest?

Bettina the snoozy poodle and Tuna. Sometimes they push each other off the bed.

Hillary loves to sleep in her comfy feather bed when it is all bunched up,
making her look like a... POODLE BURRITO!

Hillary has an uncanny gift for making herself at home, even in other people's houses! (She's sleeping off that bowl of Cheese Doodles she just ate...)

Hillary lounging poolside in Virginia.

Bettina poses in her front yard.

Dahlia and the lion...

Miss Nose-in-your-lens

Reading The Ruin of the Roman Empire by James J. O'Donnell.
Hey Toby! Only kiss Hillary if you really mean it...

Dahlia with Natalie, an Arabic professor at Georgetown University

Dahlia and her new buddy Tessa, March 2011.

Here's Ollie 2 (r), one of my pups, lounging with his older "brother" Pippin (l), from another breeder.  He is a son of Azalea and Kaiser, born 10/28/03, and lives in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.  Kirby, bottom of page, is his litter brother.


Fancie is a daughter of Bettina and Bob, born October 12, 2004
Mia (daughter of Lyness and Antje) waiting for trick-or-treaters!

Mia lives with Sonny (l) and little Lexi
Sonny loves watching "Animal Planet."
Sonny's dad shows him how to make a snowball.

Sonny on the farm . . .
Henry wants to drag race with Sonny!

Mia's new haircut, summer '09

Mia and Sonny, Christmas 2010
Sonny after grooming

Sonny and Mia after grooming

Mia in the family's new house

Magique, offspring of Bettina and Myles

Sara (l) and Riva (r) in the professional wrestling ring!

Riva, a show pick, is Lyness's baby sister.

Heather and Saahil with the third Ollie (there's a white one and a silver one above)
Ollie and Saahil, when Ollie was just a pup. He is Philippe, Blue and Pippa's brother and will be three February 20, 2009

Ollie in NYC, all grown up!

With all these fuzzy buddies, Elmo (center) doesn't know he's a poodle!

Paloma, one of Hillary's daughters, who lived to age 14.
Paloma and the kong

Paloma lounges poolside, 2009

(Right): These beautiful pictures of Paloma were taken only a few weeks before she passed on. She was such a dedicated lady that she still managed to go out by the pool on a lovely day and pose. It's hard to believe she was almost 14!  She looks like a puppy.  Click any image to see it full size.


Zoe and Oliver

Oliver in the leaves

Happy birthday Oliver! 2/23/09

Oliver and the new baby
Oliver loves the new baby!

Oliver and Zoe on his second birthday, March 2010

More 2nd birthday photos

Rouie is a son of Azalea and Kaiser who now lives in Red Bank, NJ.  His litter brothers are Kirby (bottom) and Ollie 2.

Rouie romping in the Berkshires: Poodle gymnastics, balance beam

The south end of a northbound Rouie

Here are 2009 photos of Rouie.  His owner says, "One of his biggest pleasures is trying to chase bunnies and squirrels, barking at school children going by on their bikes, and attacking our neighbors' sprinklers when we are out walking. It’s good to be Rouie!"


At a 12th birthday party, we turned our dining room into a Pink Poodle Spa! When the resident poodle had had enough of the 12 girls, he took a time out under the dining room table. But when it came time to snuggle up on the living room floor with all the pooped partygoers, our poodle tucked himself right in the middle of the pile!

Rouie in Snowmageddon 2010
A 2014 collage showing Rouie's charm

Jake (l) and Molly.  Jake is from my Daisy and Kaiser.  Molly is from another breeder.

Jake is silver. Notice how much lighter he is in this later photo!
Jenna teaches Cody to read (are poodles THAT smart?) in Ardsley, NY.
Cody is from my Bettina and Gentry.

Uh-oh, it's Champ as a puppy, back when he lived here in New Jersey. Doesn't he just look like he's ready to run as soon as she lets go?

Champ looking as cute as possible.  He is Henry and Oona and Abby's brother.

Champ at Christmas, 2008.  Now he lives in North Carolina!  There aren't many other standard poodles in his town, so he gets a lot of attention.

Kirby feeling formal...

...and not so formal! (Kip on the left).  Kirby is the litter brother of Ollie 2, above.  He and Kip live in St. Louis, Missouri.

In honor of lovely poodles over the Rainbow Bridge (special page to come).

Hillary and Bettina by artist Betty Foley

Bettina by stained glass artist Beth Schwersky

Magic's portrait by her owner, that is also on my front page
Ch. Pinafore Parris Hill
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