ParrisHill Standard Poodles
Alfie is a Jeremy son born in Canada and living in Vermont with three other standards. Owner Dianne and her sister are keeping them all in coat to show. As of November 2010, Alfie was just over a year old.

Alfie and the gang were also a smashing hit at a huge street fair in Vermont. So many people wanted to take their pictures and pet them! Alfie just took everything in stride. He sniffed children gently, and took treats from little hands like a gentleman (in the picture of the boy with the painted face, he had just fed Alfie a treat and was all excited that Alfie took it. He is such a well behaved, happy, loving poodle.  He and the other poodles also visit nursing homes.

Here is what his owner says: "I can only say good things about this boy! We LOVE him to death. He is such a goof, but a funny, loving goof. He makes me smile and laugh a lot! If all of Jeremy's pups are like this, then everyone must be thrilled with them, I know we are!"

These next few shots are puppy pictures of Alfie.

Wasn't he a cute pup?
Puppy Alfie met a goat.
He enjoyed learning to retrieve.
Ch. Pinafore Parrish Hill

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