Dog retrieves baby bunnies!

May 24th, 2009

Oh how cute.  This was in today’s Washington Post.

ARLINGTON, Frederick St. N., 800 block, May 9. A woman called the Animal Welfare League about four newborn bunnies that her dog had brought in from her back yard. An animal control officer found the bunnies to be in good condition. It appeared that a cat or a fox might have gotten into the bunnies’ nest. They were taken to the league and transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator.

And that’s not the only dog-bunny story!  Here’s another cute one from England:

This isn't the original dog, but it is a cute photo!This isn't the original dog, but it is a cute photo!This isn't the original dog, but it is a cute photo!

Inky Poodle from

May 6th, 2009

I’m a big fan of Cute Overload!  Here’s an inky poodle to make you smile:

Salma Hayek loves her dogs, and one of them even saved her life

January 11th, 2009

salma-and-diva.jpg“If a man lets all of my dogs sleep in the bed with us, then that is the most romantic thing. You must love my dogs in order to love me. A man who is nice to my animals and doesn’t shoo them away - well, that’s the height of romance.”

Salma Hayek

She also says that her dog Diva saved her life! 

The Ugly Betty creator explains that she “had a headache and went to lie down” and was awakened from her nap by her dog, Diva, grabbing at her sleeve and trying to pull her out of the house. The 40-year-old actress then realized that the gas was on in her house.

Hayek credits Diva as being the reason she was there to celebrate with the rest of the Ugly Betty cast later that night.  (From US Weekly)

Read about the man who trains Bruiser, Sandy and Toto!

December 3rd, 2008

oz.jpgThis is a charming article about the trainer who handles the dogs for Annie, The Wizard of Oz, Legally Blonde, and other doggie dramas.

Xylitol warning — Bach flower remedies

November 21st, 2008

Dr. Edward Bach would not be pleased if he were alive today. The Bach Flower Remedies have a famed “Rescue Remedy” that many people have relied upon for generations, and that is popular with jumpy pets.  It always came in drops, but now it also comes in a pastille form.  Some laboratory genius decided to put Xylitol in it (Why??  In a product that is famed for its purity??) to make it sweet.  There’s just one major problem, besides the irony that the Bach Flower Remedies now have junk ingredients in them: Xylitol can kill your dog.  Read the article at

When I went to the Bach Flower Remedies website, the pastilles were only listed as having “sweetener” in them.  Note to the company — it is VITAL that you list what kind of sweetener.  Simply to call something sugar-free and then not say what you’re using to sweeten it is irrensponsible.  Please change your packaging, and put a warning on it that these are not safe for pets.

Pet store chain linked to puppy mills!

November 20th, 2008

When you see that cute doggie in the pet store window, resist the urge to buy it!  You may be supporting a puppy mill.  Watch the video on the link below, and you will learn about Athena, a sweet white standard poodle who was bred by a puppy mill owner.  When she didn’t have enough room to deliver her next litter, she turned on the puppies in the next cage, and she was beaten severely for it.  Now she has been rescued.  Here’s the story:

A note about the Obamas’ dog

November 8th, 2008

Patriotic OscarPatriotic OscarPatriotic OscarThis is a Wall Street Journal article based on the 11/5 AKC press release. It links to a Poodle Fact Sheet and the picture collage created by Cindy Crawley using photos of dogs and pups of PSG members. Click on the link following “Learn about Poodles” to get to the Fact Sheet and the pictures. Pups I bred are in pictures #1, 2 and 5. Two poodles that won the AKC ACE Award are mentioned in the Fact Sheet. The 2002 winner was bred by my friend Rhonda Pacchioli, Apacchi Poodles, who shows my dogs for me. The 2005 winner Noodle was bred by me and you can read more about her at my website

Hopefully the Obamas will take the advice of the AKC in selecting their pup from poodle rescue or a reputable breeder.  Above is a photo of Oscar (one of the poodles I bred who lives in a private home), ready to go to the White House if necessary!

Lyness lends a smile to a cancer blog

November 5th, 2008

Lyness's Big Hair Day

Someone on a cancer blog found this picture of Lyness having a “big hair day” and posted the link.

Do you know how to recognize bloat?

October 27th, 2008

This link is interesting because it shows many different symptoms; not all dogs are the same, and some owners have problems recognizing bloat when it happens.

Top 10 Drugs that Poison Our Pets

October 17th, 2008

The ASPCA offers this list.

Xylitol warning!

October 4th, 2008

This comes from one of Marion Banta’s poodle groups: 


If you have a dog READ IT — then forward to all you know who do have a dog! If you don’t have a dog — forward to all you know who do have a dog! As well as to those who love pets!!  This is true:

Warning to all dog owners - pass this on to everyone you can. Last Friday evening, I arrived home from work, fed Chloe, our 24 Lb. dachshund, just as I normally do. Ten minutes later I walked into the den just in time to see her head inside the pocket of Katie’s friend’s purse. She had a guilty look on her face so I Looked closer and saw a
small package of sugar-free gum. It contained xylitol.

I remembered that I had recently read that sugar-free gum can be deadly for dogs so I jumped on line and looked to see if xylitol was the ingredient. I found the first website below and it was the one. Next, I called our vet. She said to bring her in immediately. Unfortunately, it was still rush hour and it took me almost 1/2 hour to get there. Meanwhile, since this was her first case, our vet found another website to figure out the treatment. She took Chloe and said they would induce her to vomit, give her a charcoal drink to absorb the toxin (even though they don’t think it works) then they would start an iv with dextrose. The xylitol causes dogs to secrete insulin so their blood sugar drops very quickly.

The second thing that happens is liver failure. If that happens, even with aggressive treatment, it can be difficult to save them. She told us she would call us. Almost two hours later, the vet called and said that contents of her stomach contained 2-3 gum wrappers and that her blood sugar had dropped from 90 to 59 in 30 minutes. She wanted us to take Chloe to another hospital that has a critical care unit operating around the clock. We picked her up and took her there.

They had us call the ASPCA poison control for a case number and for a donation; their doctors would direct Chloe’s doctor on treatment. They would continue the iv, monitor her blood every other hour and then in 2 days test her liver function.

She ended up with a central line in her jugular vein since the one in her leg collapsed, just as our regular vet had feared. Chloe spent almost the entire weekend in the critical care hospital. After her blood sugar was stabilized, she came home yesterday. They ran all the tests again before they released her and so far, no sign of liver damage. Had I not seen her head in the purse, she probably would have died and we wouldn’t even have known why.

Three vets told me this weekend, that they were amazed that I even knew about it since they are first learning about it too. Please tell everyone you know about xylitol and dogs. It may save another life.

Owner saves his dog — from a shark!

September 30th, 2008


Plastic bags can be deadly for dogs — a warning

September 28th, 2008

How sad — this note came from the flea and tick discussion group, posted by a member.  I’m putting it here to share the warning and to encourage you to think about what is laying around your house for your dog to find: 


Please share this info. with everyone you know so that no one else suffers the way I have.  PLASTIC BAGS ARE DEADLY TO YOUR DOG!   In honor of our precious Ella’s memory, I am crusading an effort to let everyone know that this can and does happen and hopefully I can save someone else from the same agonizing pain!

Our 9 month old Sheltie puppy, Ella, suffered a tragic, sudden, senseless death this past Friday.   She suffocated to death on a bag liner that was inside a box of Cheez-its snack crackers.  We were out for the evening and someone had left a box of Cheez-its within Ella’s reach.  She put her head in the bag inside the box to get to the crackers.  The bag came out of the box but she couldn’t get the bag off of her head.  We came home and found her dead from suffocation.  It doesn’t seem possible, that a dog couldn’t get a bag off their head, but they can’ t.

I have since learned that this occurs more often than you would imagine.  There was also a family whose 6 year old Labrador got hold of a Doritos bag when they weren’t looking.  They found him dead with the bag over his head,=2 0having died the same way as Ella.  I also learned from the man that is cremating Ella for us that he has had FIVE other dogs that have died like this in the PAST MONTH!  Make sure that ALL PLASTIC BAGS AND BOXES WITH BAG LINERS IN THEM (chips, snack crackers, cookies, cereal, etc.) are WAY out of your pets reach!!!!!!

This tragedy has been a tremendous blow for our family!  I have tried to be strong, but the whole scenario has played out in my head over and over and I have been a total mess!  I cannot begin to understand the senselessness of this and my heart is absolutely broken! Ella was so young and full of life…an adorable, sweet, smart, loving dog, and her life was cut short way too soon!

Please help me honor Ella and save someone else from this horrific tragedy by passing this email to as many people as you know!

Sydney Morgan
CH. WOW’s I’m A Kodiak Moment!
WOW Havanese

Is your poodle cheating on you?

September 26th, 2008

MSNBC thinks it could happen!

Dog on a trampoline!

September 21st, 2008

Here’s a cute video of a boxer having fun in the back yard on a trampoline. Silly.

Here’s a link to a no-kill blog

September 17th, 2008

Dubious Deals at HSUS. Elsewhere on this website I have a note about not donating to the Humane Society of the United States. Nathan Winograd is doing a great job straightening out shelters and eliminating the euthanizing of animals, the things HSUS talks about for fund raising but doesn’t physically do anything about.

Jeremy starts his modeling career, gets a fan club

September 14th, 2008

Jeremy was used as a grooming model today in a seminar on European styling and someone just called Marion to tell her that he has a fan club!   Apparently at the seminar a young woman came up to inquire about who he was. When she said a Parrishill dog, the woman said they were interested in breeding to a dog named Jeremy.  She said “Well, you’re looking at him!”  The young woman was so excited, she ran to get her mother so she could see him in person!

Now we’ll have to teach him to sign autographs.

A Service Dog Dials 9-1-1

September 14th, 2008

bellephone354.gifThere’s a great story today about a service dog who is trained to dial 911 if his owner has a seizure.  The owner did, and the dog dialed the phone and whimpered into it.  The smart dispatcher sent an ambulance right away.

When Carole googled to learn more about it, other stories of dogs dialing 911 came up:

And there were even more!

Grooming Your Poodle, Part II

September 7th, 2008

Another way to cut grooming costs is to see if you have a grooming school nearby. One of the ParrisHill alumni moved from Hoboken where his groomer charged $175 to New York City recently. The owner was afraid grooming costs would really break the bank, however she discovered the NY School of Dog Grooming and now Ollie gets fully groomed and nicely hand scissored for $45.

 The taxi ride each way costs extra. :-)

Congratulations Marcus!

September 7th, 2008

Parrishill Undeniably Apacchi (Marcus) had an outstanding win yesterday at the Somerset Hills Kennel Club.  It was his debut in the ring and he won a 5-point major from the 6-9 puppy class from Judge Carol Reisman.  His mom is Parrishill Riverdancer (Riva) and his sire is CH Apacchi Thunderhawk (Hodge).  It was such an exciting win!   He was bred by Marion Banta and is owned by Rhonda Pacchioli.

Poodle Exercise Video

September 1st, 2008

poodleexercise.bmpOkay, here’s another cute one:

Watch this cute poodle show off what he knows

September 1st, 2008

Charlene from sent this funny video.  She writes “I recently joined, a dog training forum which sponsors
a monthly video challenge.  The August challenge was to make a video
commercial (20 seconds or longer) for a dog product that was either real or
imagined.  We thought this was a lot of fun to do!  If you want to see my
Poodles’ commercial for Doggy Doze, an aid for the sleep-deprived canine, go
to: ”

This is sad, but sweet

August 12th, 2008

Colorado plainsApparently a dog guarded its owner’s body in the Colorado plains for weeks.  Cash, a German shepherd, lived on mice, but never left its owner’s side.  Rescuers think the dog protected the owner’s body from coyotes.

Don’t step over a sleeping poodle!

August 10th, 2008

Sahara enjoying a snoozePoodle owners quickly learn that stepping over a sleeping dog is dangerous.  They can startle out of a sound sleep, stand up suddenly, and knock you over.  Carole’s two ParrisHill poodles come to the office with her every day, and sleep on the floor.  She had to warn students that stepping over them can be hazardous to the health, not to mention the ankles!

Mountain Lion Steals a Dog!

August 5th, 2008

Don’t say we didn’t warn you… apparently a mountain lion snatched a dog from a home in the wilderness outside Denver.  It crept right into the bedroom, apparently ignoring the family’s other dog and the sleeping owners.

Contribute to the ParrisHill Dogblog

July 27th, 2008

If you own a ParrisHill standard poodle or if you are connected to us in any way (perhaps one of your poodles was bred to a ParrisHill champion), please send Carole a note with a contribution for the blog!  Your photos are always welcome, too.

Bettina likes to chew biodegradable flatware!

July 27th, 2008

spoons1.jpgUsually Carole’s two standard poodles don’t chew things, but for some reason Bettina has decided she is fond of the biodegradable spoons the local frozen yogurt shop uses. She chewed up one of them and it broke into awful, sharp splinters, but thankfully it didn’t seem to hurt her. Watch out for these… they’re a new product and your poodle may be attracted!

Grooming your own standard poodle, part 1

July 27th, 2008

poodle-clipping-and-grooming-9780876052655.jpgHave you noticed how much groomers charge for a standard poodle?  Carole lives in Washington, DC where $125 per dog is pretty much the going rate, and sometimes that still results in an average or even poor grooming job.  It’s usually somewhat cheaper in other parts of the country, but it can still add up.  Grooming your own can be easy and fun (although a bit time consuming!).  Over time we’ll post more tips for grooming a standard poodle.

Tip one is to learn from the experts.  Marion Banta has Shirlee Kalstone’s book Poodle Clipping and Grooming in her bookstore.  Before you try to groom your own poodle, give it a very careful read, and pay particular attention to the sections about details such as feet, ears, muzzle, and tail.

Bettina welcomes you to the ParrisHill Dogblog!

July 25th, 2008

bettina.jpgBettina is really excited that we have a blog!